Monday, October 13, 2014


I am always in the search of craft / DIY projects for my home . I want something no one else has exactly the same of . I love creating , its just what I do . I have a whole to do list going on in the head all the time . Can't . stop . dreaming .. MUST MAKE !!
This banner was top of the list , as you can personalize it so many ways . Colour / fabric / size / words / pictures . . the list goes on .

Let me know how you go !
Til next time ..

You will need :
-    1  piece of felt - 20cm x 30cm ( choose a stiff piece so it holds its shape )
-    bakers twine / or string of choice
-    wood for hanging banner

-    fabric paint
-    paint brush
-    card for tracing - 20cm x 30cm
-    craft / paper knife
-    cutting mat
-    fabric glue or iron on tape
-    ruler
-    pencil

Cost  :
Total cost around $10 . Depending on where you get your materials from .
I shopped at my local emporium and Spotlight . I scored my fabric paint for $2 from a dollar store . No need to go crazy buying everything from the list . Its all about making do with what you have around home . I even used a wooden skewer ( point cut off and sanded ) , as it was what I had at the time .

Time  :
Approx 20mins plus 20mins drying .

1 :   First you will need to mark out your paper . This will act as your stencil . Rule a line 2.5cm from the top as this will be folded over at the end for you to be able to hang the banner . Now you can draw your design . I have made lines all over mine to make sure the design is straight and centre .  Next cut out your letters carefully .

3 :   At the bottom of your fabric , measure 4cm on each side . Mark the middle of the fabric right at the bottom . Join the dots so they represent triangles and cut off both once you are happy .

4 :   Now lay your paper stencil directly on top of your fabric . Weigh down the stencil so it doesn't move around while you are trying to paint . Gently dab your paint over the letters , making sure you do not use too much at a time so it bleeds under the stencil .

5 :   Once dry , turn over and apply tape or glue right along the top and fold down the top 2.5cm . Alternatively you can sew the fold down by running a stitch across the length . Poke your stick through the opening left behind and tie your string around both ends . Voila . Your new banner .

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