Monday, October 20, 2014


I am in love with Scandinavian home decor . I would say that most things in my house are reflective of this trend . There is just something about pale wood and a grey / black / white neutral colour scheme that just gets my heart beating a little bit faster . Simple spaces and not much clutter are what I aim for in my home , but it it so hard with a toddler destroying everything in his path ! Lucky he's so darn cute !

I ordered some wooden beads last week as I had seen a few DIY projects that I want to do with them .
I felt inspired to make something for the kitchen this week . With Christmas fast approaching , it usually means more people , which means more food , and a shortage of places to put hot trays or dishes .
With this wooden bead trivet , you can make it to any size you need just by increasing the amount of beads you use . Another great tip is to use wool felt balls . Super easy !

What you need ::

-   approx 15 natural wooden beads ( mine were 20mm width with 4mm holes )
-   bakers twine / leather cord / or any type of strong string
-   needle
-   scissors

Time ::

5 minutes

Cost ::

Between $10 - $15 .
I purchased my beads online from  Bead Cottage for $3.50 + $4 postage .

1 . Thread you need with string , then thread on all the beads .

2 . Once all thread on , you grab both ends of the string and tie together firmly between the first and last beads . I then threaded extra string back through the beads but this is not really necessary . You could just poke one end of string through one bead so it looks like the above picture .

3. Tie the rest of the string to form a holder . 

4. Done !

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