Friday, December 19, 2014


As we draw closer to Christmas ( less than a week !! ) , I thought it would be good to do a round up of all my favourite last minute gift ideas . 
These are all very easy and quick diy projects to do for your friends and family .

I will be taking a short break from craft / diy over the Christmas / New Year period .
But will be back in January with a whole lot more projects and ideas .

Enjoy your holidays with your loved ones .


Edible Gifts :: HIGH WALLS Blog

Metallic Dipped Candles :: Oleander and Palm 

Cross Hatch Table Runner :: House of Earnest

Simple Home Slippers ::

Lego Snowglobe :: MiniEco

Friday, December 12, 2014


Todays free printable comes from Zu Blog . I love the pastel and black colour combo of this geoball . 
Perfect size storage for little knick knacks on your desk / bobby pin storage / jewellery or anything else you can think of .

Printable via Zu Blog
For personal use only

Thursday, December 11, 2014


Today I bring you a very easy project . DIY Marker Mugs .
All you need is a plain white mug and an oil based permanent marker . If you want you can purchase a ceramic paint marker from Gordon Harris . I would recommend this if you want guaranteed results as I have seen a lot of marker mug tutorial fails .

A little bit of patience is required . And in my case , a distracted toddler is also a plus ! My black triangle mug was harder to draw than it needed to be because I had a little rascal bumping into me .

So before you begin your design , make sure your mugs are clean . Then you can start drawing your design . Feel free to practise beforehand to perfect your design . I prefer simple designs and opted for black and gold .

Once you have finished your design , set aside for 24 hours to air dry . Turn your oven to 210 celsius . Pop your mug on a tray in the oven while it is pre heating . Bake for 30 - 35 minutes .

After at least 30 minutes , turn off your oven and let the mug cool a bit . Then take out your mug and let cool completely for another 24 hours to cure .

Good luck , hope they turn out well !

Friday, December 5, 2014


I've been super busy this week trying to organise Christmas as well as doing some DIY ( see yesterdays post ) . In my researching for FREE PRINTABLE FRIDAY , I came across these Christmas Tag Printables from the talented Sarah of TOMFO .
Christmas wrap doesn't have to be about lots of presents wrapped in $2 Warehouse paper . Its should be about handmade , wrapped with love and cost effective .
Click this link for your Free Christmas Tag Printables and ideas on ways to wrap them . 

Have a fab weekend !!


Thursday, December 4, 2014



You will need ::
-  embroidery hoop ( 20 cm diameter )
-  30 x 30 cm fabric of your choice
-  tailors chalk or fabric pen to draw your design
-  cotton thread or embroidery thread
-  needle
-  fabric scissors

Time ::
Can take a few hours depending on how well you can hand stitch and how many mistakes you make ( I made a few haha ) .

Cost ::
Between $20 - $30 . It depends on the hoop and the fabric you choose .

Instructions ::

1.    Open up your embriodery hoop and place fabric over smaller hoop . Place the larger hoop over the fabric covered smaller hoop and tighten . Making sure the fabric is pulled towards the outer edges so it doesn't sag in the middle . Be carfeul not to stretch the fabric too tight .

2.    Draw your design on the fabric . You really can choose anything . Have a look on Pinterest for inspiration .

3.    Once you are happy with your design , you can start hand stitching over it . Changing the stitching lengths throughout your design to keep it interesting .

4.     Keep going until your design is finished then cut off excess fabric at the back . Or if you can finish it off like this .

Saturday, November 29, 2014


I'm always on the lookout for wall art . It can transform a room and turn your house into a home . 
The main problem I am having with wall art is I don't know exactly what I want . The dilemma !!
In saying that , I have been dabbling in making my own . 
A ) It's cost effective , B ) If I get bored and change my mind ( it happens a lot ! ) and C ) I love creating ! 
One of these pieces is heading straight for my bedroom .

This week I got my inspiration from the wise Dr. Suess . 
For your FREE PRINTABLES right click the image and print .
( For personal use only )

Made by me aka MAKE .

Friday, November 21, 2014


I've been searching for Christmas wrap designs and themes for a couple of weeks now . There are so many to choose from . Lots of free printables like this one , and lots of cheap and easy ideas to make your own .

This one caught my eye on Pinterest yesterday . I love the simple design and I am a sucker for monochromatic with an addition of a colour or two .

This wrap would be perfect for stocking stuffers and smaller gifts . Prints to A4 size ( you could try A3 as well , let me know how it goes ! )

Heres the link :: CHRISTMAS WRAP

Printable VIA Moodkids

Monday, November 17, 2014


There are so many things to do with felt balls . They are seriously simple to do crafts with . I've been thinking about Christmas decorations ( obviously ! ) and I was thinking about making a wreath out of them . Which seems like a great idea because completed felt ball wreaths retail for $149 !
So off to my shops I went to find a styrofaom ring for a wreath , but in my travels I came across a pack of two styrofoam cones for $4 from The Warehouse . I ended up buying those and decided to make a Felt Ball Christmas Tree instead . I totally love all these other ideas for felt ball decor below . Wish I could try them all but I think it would look a bit OTT !

You will need ::

- styrofoam cone / tree
- lots of felt balls ( approx 100 but better to get more to be on the safe side )
- hot glue gun

It takes about 30 - 40 minutes to make . But take your time , as you want to make sure all the balls are    tight so there are no gaps .

Cost depends on where you sourced your styrofaom and your felt balls from . Felt balls will cost the most for this craft . I purchased mine off Etsy from a shop called FeltFoxes . Lots of lovely felt balls to purchase , Ruth also makes felt ball garlands and wreaths too .


1 -    Put a dab of hot glue on a felt ball and place at the bottom of the cone , pressing gently .

2 -    Continue gluing on felt balls , keeping the balls closer together to stop any gaps from showing .     Keep on working your up the cone to the top .

3 -    Once you are finished , set it aside to dry completely .

Friday, November 14, 2014


6 weeks til Christmas , which means its really time to start planning and organising the big day !
Now for me as a child growing up , we only ever had chocolate advent calenders . The self restraint not to eat more than one day at a time was near impossible . Sometimes the chocolate slipped out of order down to the botton of the calender . And lets be honest , the chocolate tasted a tiny piece of 'chocolate' plastic .

Now that I have a child of my own , I have decided that I probably won't ever buy a $6 licensed character advent calander from The Warehouse . Instead I will create an advent calender of my own for my son to enjoy . This year Luca is only going to be 22 months old , so he's not really going to know what goes down on Christmas . I really want to create my own family tradition this year . So what I might do with these Printable House Advent Calenders, is that I will place a little toy or trinket under a few of the houses . So he gets a suprise once or twice a week until Christmas Day .

Sounds like a good plan to me !

Christmas Street Advent Calender  via Mr Printables ( )

(for personal use only)

How to make houses ::

1 .    Print the pages and cut out each shape . Use heavy weight paper so the boxes are sturdy .

2 .    Score the grey dotted lines and fold . Glue angular tabs to complete the houses , but do not glue curved tabs as they are there to help the lids ( top of each building ) stay in place .

Here's another advent calender - Scandinavian inspired that I came across today . Totally in love with this one too ! These are envelopes that you cut out and glue . Once finished hang them up and write little messages , put in a few treats or some mini gifts . Link below .

DIY Printable Advent Calender via My Dubio ( )

(for personal use only)

Monday, November 3, 2014



These coasters are practical and ridiculously easy to make . You can also paint the other side of these and do a different pattern to mix and match your coasters . Use as separate coasters , put them together to make a trivet or turn them into a matching game / puzzle for your children to play with .

-  cork sheet  ( 50 mm thick )
-  craft knife
-  pencil
-  ruler
-  paint and paintbrush
-  washi tape or painters tape

25 minutes including drying time

Under $10 if you have to buy everything . I only had to buy the cork which was $2.50 .

1 -  First measure your cork sheet into 4 squares . Mine are 8.5 cm x 8.5 cm . Then cut the squares up with a craft knife ( use a ruler to help you achieve straight edges ) .

2 -  Cut up tape and place onto cork squares . Before you paint , make sure you smooth down the tape firmly so your paint doesn't bleed . Paint over the exposed cork . Repeat once the first coat has dried .

3 -  Remove tape once paint has completely dried . D O N E !

Friday, October 31, 2014


I can not believe Christmas is 8 weeks away ! No idea what I am doing , what I am getting , what I am cooking / baking . . The list goes on .
I am a bit of a procrastinator so I definitely need to start collating some ideas pronto .

My little trick when I am out in town having a look for gifts or ideas and something catches my eye , I sneakily take a photo or open up my notes on my phone and write down all the details ( who for / price / shop etc ) .
Then a little closer to mid Nov / Dec , I go back through my notes and photos and compile a list .
So I am almost at the point where I can start jotting things down , and of course I need a pretty little TO DO list .

So today I have a free printable Things To Do list .
Simple and just what I need to get on track !

Now lets get organising . . .


Printable VIA Saved By Love Creations

Tuesday, October 28, 2014


I have a super quick DIY project for you today . I decided to make one as I was in desperate need of one . I usually keep all my spare house keys tucked away in a drawer , but my toddler has discovered said drawers and pulls absolutely everything out at least twice a day . Weirdest place I have found a key this week was by the ranchslider in our bedroom and in the bathroom too . Its a treasure hunt everyday in my house !
This key chain is not only vital to keep all my keys together but it looks mighty cute . 
Got 10 minutes up your sleeve ? Make one !

Tools of the trade ::
-  wooden beads
-  leather cord
-  split ring / key chain ring
-  paint ( even nail polish works )
-  paint brush / cotton bud

Time ::
10 minutes

Cost ::
Under $10 . I can't stress this enough , use what you have at home . Save yourself the money and time . Upcycle !

1 .     Paint your beads . I went for a gold metallic paint . Designs and colours are totally up to you . For the perfect line , use painters tape or washi tape .

2 .        Tie the leather cord onto the split ring . I believe the one I did is called a 'cow hitch' . 

3 .     Thread on your beads , both ends of cord need to pass through each bead . Push your beads right to the end and then tie a knot right under the last bead . Cut cord ends to where you want it to finish . D O N E !

Friday, October 24, 2014


To round up the week I have tracked down some free printable posters !
I found both of these from . You can get them printed at Warehouse Stationary, Harvey Norman or anywhere else close to you that does poster sizes .

Click the links below and then right click on the image to save .
happy little campers poster high rez PNG  ::  ( 20 x 30 )
let’s be adventurers poster high rez PNG   ::  ( 16 x 20 )

They fit it with the whole woodland theme that is bang on trend right now . Think greens , neutrals , natural elements like wood , and beautiful bed linen . You can go all out with this trend or do touches of it around your childs room . 

Why do kids all get the cool stuff ??!! Lucky x


Printables by
Other images via Pinterest

Monday, October 20, 2014


I am in love with Scandinavian home decor . I would say that most things in my house are reflective of this trend . There is just something about pale wood and a grey / black / white neutral colour scheme that just gets my heart beating a little bit faster . Simple spaces and not much clutter are what I aim for in my home , but it it so hard with a toddler destroying everything in his path ! Lucky he's so darn cute !

I ordered some wooden beads last week as I had seen a few DIY projects that I want to do with them .
I felt inspired to make something for the kitchen this week . With Christmas fast approaching , it usually means more people , which means more food , and a shortage of places to put hot trays or dishes .
With this wooden bead trivet , you can make it to any size you need just by increasing the amount of beads you use . Another great tip is to use wool felt balls . Super easy !

What you need ::

-   approx 15 natural wooden beads ( mine were 20mm width with 4mm holes )
-   bakers twine / leather cord / or any type of strong string
-   needle
-   scissors

Time ::

5 minutes

Cost ::

Between $10 - $15 .
I purchased my beads online from  Bead Cottage for $3.50 + $4 postage .

1 . Thread you need with string , then thread on all the beads .

2 . Once all thread on , you grab both ends of the string and tie together firmly between the first and last beads . I then threaded extra string back through the beads but this is not really necessary . You could just poke one end of string through one bead so it looks like the above picture .

3. Tie the rest of the string to form a holder . 

4. Done !

Friday, October 17, 2014


I came across the amazing blog of Becky Kemp of this week . Absolutely loving the DIY designer miniatures for dolls houses ! Becky has also miniaturised the very popular String shelf among other things . What a clever lady . I would never have thought of doing this !

This house is a replica of Favorite Place by LuckyBoySunday . LuckyBoySunday is a brand of modern luxury knitted art toys and soft furnishings for the home , inspired by an artistic take on the world of children .

I have now decided that I need to find a dollhouse to make over . As soon as I post this , I will be scouring TradeMe almost immediately .

- Click image and save
- Print in colour on A4 paper
- Follow instructions and enjoy

All images via