Friday, November 14, 2014


6 weeks til Christmas , which means its really time to start planning and organising the big day !
Now for me as a child growing up , we only ever had chocolate advent calenders . The self restraint not to eat more than one day at a time was near impossible . Sometimes the chocolate slipped out of order down to the botton of the calender . And lets be honest , the chocolate tasted a tiny piece of 'chocolate' plastic .

Now that I have a child of my own , I have decided that I probably won't ever buy a $6 licensed character advent calander from The Warehouse . Instead I will create an advent calender of my own for my son to enjoy . This year Luca is only going to be 22 months old , so he's not really going to know what goes down on Christmas . I really want to create my own family tradition this year . So what I might do with these Printable House Advent Calenders, is that I will place a little toy or trinket under a few of the houses . So he gets a suprise once or twice a week until Christmas Day .

Sounds like a good plan to me !

Christmas Street Advent Calender  via Mr Printables ( )

(for personal use only)

How to make houses ::

1 .    Print the pages and cut out each shape . Use heavy weight paper so the boxes are sturdy .

2 .    Score the grey dotted lines and fold . Glue angular tabs to complete the houses , but do not glue curved tabs as they are there to help the lids ( top of each building ) stay in place .

Here's another advent calender - Scandinavian inspired that I came across today . Totally in love with this one too ! These are envelopes that you cut out and glue . Once finished hang them up and write little messages , put in a few treats or some mini gifts . Link below .

DIY Printable Advent Calender via My Dubio ( )

(for personal use only)

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