Monday, November 17, 2014


There are so many things to do with felt balls . They are seriously simple to do crafts with . I've been thinking about Christmas decorations ( obviously ! ) and I was thinking about making a wreath out of them . Which seems like a great idea because completed felt ball wreaths retail for $149 !
So off to my shops I went to find a styrofaom ring for a wreath , but in my travels I came across a pack of two styrofoam cones for $4 from The Warehouse . I ended up buying those and decided to make a Felt Ball Christmas Tree instead . I totally love all these other ideas for felt ball decor below . Wish I could try them all but I think it would look a bit OTT !

You will need ::

- styrofoam cone / tree
- lots of felt balls ( approx 100 but better to get more to be on the safe side )
- hot glue gun

It takes about 30 - 40 minutes to make . But take your time , as you want to make sure all the balls are    tight so there are no gaps .

Cost depends on where you sourced your styrofaom and your felt balls from . Felt balls will cost the most for this craft . I purchased mine off Etsy from a shop called FeltFoxes . Lots of lovely felt balls to purchase , Ruth also makes felt ball garlands and wreaths too .


1 -    Put a dab of hot glue on a felt ball and place at the bottom of the cone , pressing gently .

2 -    Continue gluing on felt balls , keeping the balls closer together to stop any gaps from showing .     Keep on working your up the cone to the top .

3 -    Once you are finished , set it aside to dry completely .

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