Friday, October 31, 2014


I can not believe Christmas is 8 weeks away ! No idea what I am doing , what I am getting , what I am cooking / baking . . The list goes on .
I am a bit of a procrastinator so I definitely need to start collating some ideas pronto .

My little trick when I am out in town having a look for gifts or ideas and something catches my eye , I sneakily take a photo or open up my notes on my phone and write down all the details ( who for / price / shop etc ) .
Then a little closer to mid Nov / Dec , I go back through my notes and photos and compile a list .
So I am almost at the point where I can start jotting things down , and of course I need a pretty little TO DO list .

So today I have a free printable Things To Do list .
Simple and just what I need to get on track !

Now lets get organising . . .


Printable VIA Saved By Love Creations

Tuesday, October 28, 2014


I have a super quick DIY project for you today . I decided to make one as I was in desperate need of one . I usually keep all my spare house keys tucked away in a drawer , but my toddler has discovered said drawers and pulls absolutely everything out at least twice a day . Weirdest place I have found a key this week was by the ranchslider in our bedroom and in the bathroom too . Its a treasure hunt everyday in my house !
This key chain is not only vital to keep all my keys together but it looks mighty cute . 
Got 10 minutes up your sleeve ? Make one !

Tools of the trade ::
-  wooden beads
-  leather cord
-  split ring / key chain ring
-  paint ( even nail polish works )
-  paint brush / cotton bud

Time ::
10 minutes

Cost ::
Under $10 . I can't stress this enough , use what you have at home . Save yourself the money and time . Upcycle !

1 .     Paint your beads . I went for a gold metallic paint . Designs and colours are totally up to you . For the perfect line , use painters tape or washi tape .

2 .        Tie the leather cord onto the split ring . I believe the one I did is called a 'cow hitch' . 

3 .     Thread on your beads , both ends of cord need to pass through each bead . Push your beads right to the end and then tie a knot right under the last bead . Cut cord ends to where you want it to finish . D O N E !

Friday, October 24, 2014


To round up the week I have tracked down some free printable posters !
I found both of these from . You can get them printed at Warehouse Stationary, Harvey Norman or anywhere else close to you that does poster sizes .

Click the links below and then right click on the image to save .
happy little campers poster high rez PNG  ::  ( 20 x 30 )
let’s be adventurers poster high rez PNG   ::  ( 16 x 20 )

They fit it with the whole woodland theme that is bang on trend right now . Think greens , neutrals , natural elements like wood , and beautiful bed linen . You can go all out with this trend or do touches of it around your childs room . 

Why do kids all get the cool stuff ??!! Lucky x


Printables by
Other images via Pinterest

Monday, October 20, 2014


I am in love with Scandinavian home decor . I would say that most things in my house are reflective of this trend . There is just something about pale wood and a grey / black / white neutral colour scheme that just gets my heart beating a little bit faster . Simple spaces and not much clutter are what I aim for in my home , but it it so hard with a toddler destroying everything in his path ! Lucky he's so darn cute !

I ordered some wooden beads last week as I had seen a few DIY projects that I want to do with them .
I felt inspired to make something for the kitchen this week . With Christmas fast approaching , it usually means more people , which means more food , and a shortage of places to put hot trays or dishes .
With this wooden bead trivet , you can make it to any size you need just by increasing the amount of beads you use . Another great tip is to use wool felt balls . Super easy !

What you need ::

-   approx 15 natural wooden beads ( mine were 20mm width with 4mm holes )
-   bakers twine / leather cord / or any type of strong string
-   needle
-   scissors

Time ::

5 minutes

Cost ::

Between $10 - $15 .
I purchased my beads online from  Bead Cottage for $3.50 + $4 postage .

1 . Thread you need with string , then thread on all the beads .

2 . Once all thread on , you grab both ends of the string and tie together firmly between the first and last beads . I then threaded extra string back through the beads but this is not really necessary . You could just poke one end of string through one bead so it looks like the above picture .

3. Tie the rest of the string to form a holder . 

4. Done !

Friday, October 17, 2014


I came across the amazing blog of Becky Kemp of this week . Absolutely loving the DIY designer miniatures for dolls houses ! Becky has also miniaturised the very popular String shelf among other things . What a clever lady . I would never have thought of doing this !

This house is a replica of Favorite Place by LuckyBoySunday . LuckyBoySunday is a brand of modern luxury knitted art toys and soft furnishings for the home , inspired by an artistic take on the world of children .

I have now decided that I need to find a dollhouse to make over . As soon as I post this , I will be scouring TradeMe almost immediately .

- Click image and save
- Print in colour on A4 paper
- Follow instructions and enjoy

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Monday, October 13, 2014


I am always in the search of craft / DIY projects for my home . I want something no one else has exactly the same of . I love creating , its just what I do . I have a whole to do list going on in the head all the time . Can't . stop . dreaming .. MUST MAKE !!
This banner was top of the list , as you can personalize it so many ways . Colour / fabric / size / words / pictures . . the list goes on .

Let me know how you go !
Til next time ..

You will need :
-    1  piece of felt - 20cm x 30cm ( choose a stiff piece so it holds its shape )
-    bakers twine / or string of choice
-    wood for hanging banner

-    fabric paint
-    paint brush
-    card for tracing - 20cm x 30cm
-    craft / paper knife
-    cutting mat
-    fabric glue or iron on tape
-    ruler
-    pencil

Cost  :
Total cost around $10 . Depending on where you get your materials from .
I shopped at my local emporium and Spotlight . I scored my fabric paint for $2 from a dollar store . No need to go crazy buying everything from the list . Its all about making do with what you have around home . I even used a wooden skewer ( point cut off and sanded ) , as it was what I had at the time .

Time  :
Approx 20mins plus 20mins drying .

1 :   First you will need to mark out your paper . This will act as your stencil . Rule a line 2.5cm from the top as this will be folded over at the end for you to be able to hang the banner . Now you can draw your design . I have made lines all over mine to make sure the design is straight and centre .  Next cut out your letters carefully .

3 :   At the bottom of your fabric , measure 4cm on each side . Mark the middle of the fabric right at the bottom . Join the dots so they represent triangles and cut off both once you are happy .

4 :   Now lay your paper stencil directly on top of your fabric . Weigh down the stencil so it doesn't move around while you are trying to paint . Gently dab your paint over the letters , making sure you do not use too much at a time so it bleeds under the stencil .

5 :   Once dry , turn over and apply tape or glue right along the top and fold down the top 2.5cm . Alternatively you can sew the fold down by running a stitch across the length . Poke your stick through the opening left behind and tie your string around both ends . Voila . Your new banner .

Monday, October 6, 2014


Woodland creatures are all the rage in home decor at the moment. From bears to foxes and owls, there are so many ways these forest critters are creeping into our homes.
These cuddly looking fellows will look great in your little adventurers room. 
I am loving the illustration and pen lines in these printables - simple yet effective.

Enjoy !!

[ To print - right click on image and either save image or print ]

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