Thursday, December 4, 2014



You will need ::
-  embroidery hoop ( 20 cm diameter )
-  30 x 30 cm fabric of your choice
-  tailors chalk or fabric pen to draw your design
-  cotton thread or embroidery thread
-  needle
-  fabric scissors

Time ::
Can take a few hours depending on how well you can hand stitch and how many mistakes you make ( I made a few haha ) .

Cost ::
Between $20 - $30 . It depends on the hoop and the fabric you choose .

Instructions ::

1.    Open up your embriodery hoop and place fabric over smaller hoop . Place the larger hoop over the fabric covered smaller hoop and tighten . Making sure the fabric is pulled towards the outer edges so it doesn't sag in the middle . Be carfeul not to stretch the fabric too tight .

2.    Draw your design on the fabric . You really can choose anything . Have a look on Pinterest for inspiration .

3.    Once you are happy with your design , you can start hand stitching over it . Changing the stitching lengths throughout your design to keep it interesting .

4.     Keep going until your design is finished then cut off excess fabric at the back . Or if you can finish it off like this .

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